The Golden Shining Lamp

FIRELIGHT DANCED IN her blood and the skies outside were filled with stars.

Diamond-studded, the heavens cradled a half moon whose ivory glow illuminated the couch inside. Tiny oil lamps burned above where they dangled from the rafters on copper chains; they swayed gently, as the ship upon which she and her husband lived was lulled by the eternal rhythm of the seas.

The window across from the couch was wide and welcoming, letting a generous portion of moonlight cascade over her and her husband. Its silvery radiance blended with the golden-orange gleam of the lamps. Their soft fiery warmth lent a magical air to their private room, as if the breath of a thousand golden deserts was wafting from the ceiling to embrace them.

She snuggled against the couch’s cushions, feeling a delicious heat tingling her entire body; a soft electric energy seemed to be pouring down her back and arms. The sensation left her momentarily breathless.

Here he was and the air was alive with golden radiant energy!

The moonlight fell around them like snow, an icy mirror that renewed the world, and for that she knew he had always been with her as a part of her story. At the end of the world, they would renew the world by coming together. But there was firelight as well, sweet golden lamps with the gleam of the mystical sands that glowed. They burned on the icy mirror of moonlight; they burned with glowing energy.

Suddenly, it seemed by loving him, her life had been lit by an undying flame. Its heat engulfed her, enfolding her in its golden, amber arms as if the sun had come to bear her away to the heavens. It sizzled with not only heat and warmth, but vibrant, indescribable energy. The very air crackled around them, as the passion and love that was overflowing like a waterfall of fire from his heart and soul crashed, merged, and joined with the passion and love in her own heart and soul.

Her feelings dazzled her with their bright, beautiful shiningness. It was as if all her potential up til now had been filtered into a glowing, electric furnace, whose warm golden rays sent light on her and illuminated, as if with a match, the majesty and powerful will she had inside her.

The very sensation of her unfiltered will made her tremble; it was not only golden, it was sleek and smooth as moonshine. Like slender daggers or flowers of frost, the silver blades radiated danger and deadliness. But it was a beautiful kind, a wild, reckless, and regal one; it was the will of a queen.

And now with him as her husband, this will of hers had awakened, furnished into waking by her love for him. She burned like a thousand suns with the love she had for him, and as she burned with love, so the will of her spirit poured out from her in powerful overwhelming waves of golden, radiant energy.

Word Count: 500

Written: 9 August 2011 / Revised: 14 September 2013

Inspired: by this story and personal feelings


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