Meditations | will of One Piece

from 9 Aug 2014; all dates are referenced to then. I’m doing a 10th Anniversary One Piece challenge, so have this, too

A few days ago, me and my sister watched some episodes from Rurouni Kenshin and I was amazed at how much the content, themes, and tonality really reminded me of my sister: history, doing good in a particular way (think Arthuriana), but with a fun kind of edge. And it’s got me thinking…

Over on tumblr, there’s a week long anniversary for One Piece‘s 17th year. And after watching Rurouni Kenshin, can I say that One Piece is the same for me?

I recall when I first started reading the manga, I tried to imbue myself with a One Piece kind of attitude: never give up, be positive, follow your dream. Basically be bold. Be invested. Be inthe world. And I did this for a few years (college especially, which makes sense considering when I discovered One Piece).

But was my attempt to be a One Piece kind of person authentic to me or was it just because I felt that was the kind of person I should be?


I’m Ace in this picture; the themes of One Piece are Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy (my screencap)

It’s not a bad way of being or living in the world, but it’s given me trouble and uncertainty: Is that how I want to live? Is that how I am? If I’m not, am I contriving myself to be different than I am? Can anyone become something they’re not? Isn’t life just constantly becoming yourself? Can there be any authentic self that can be reflected in media? Or can there be roots to people even as they are constantly becoming that can be reflected in media?

While I will admit that I admire many of the themes and tone of One Piece, is it really something that resonates as really me? If anything, I love it as a story; the characters are wonderful (for the most part).

I guess the only reason I’m wondering now is that I feel like a lot of other One Piece fans have really thought about and taken the messages of the show to heart. (Actually, I usually feel fans of stuff I like think about it more than me.) I feel like I have taken it to heart, but more because I felt I had to. And thus there’s my dilemma.


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