Character Names: Journey Beyond the Woods

So, there are two characters (more ancestral/mythological characters than fleshed out ones), whose names have been rather elusive. Especially once I started considering (1) what they’re names should mean, and (2) what language/letters looked the most correct.

Like yesterday, I’m not sure how final all this is, but it’ll help as a record of information and as a way to work through to some (probable) final names.

maybe: B’imrei’he “bright light” from bi’naoi + imrei’he OR Bi’naomrei’he “bright light” from bi’naoi + imrei’he (this one’s makes more phonetic and grammatical sense)

other ideas: 



Imrei’he’mi’nehi’hoyhe lit. “light of the moon”

Imrei’he Nehi’hoyhe’mi

possible: Hemri’hyihe “the one who is cold” from e’hemri + bhyi + y’he OR Hemri’hyi “one who is cold” from e’hemri + bhyi (for phonetic merging?) OR Hemri’bhyi “one who is cold” from e’hemri + bhyi (what does deleting the “e” indicate?)

original: Koikibe, later: Käsi o-Tsäo roughly “hand of the forest husband” from Finnish, Japanese (no-Tsäo)

other ideas: 


Ne’hemri’bhyi “one who is cold/survives in the cold”


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