Cinnamon Kisses

GLISTENING RAIN SPARKLES along his bare chest, ice melting against warm cinnamon and caramel. Enticed, she licks the skin, kissing the spot where his heart is.

His muscles tense for an instance, shoulders lifting as if he’ll wriggle his hand around her waist and slide his fingers underneath the bottom rim of her shirt, warm fingertips massaging the skin. But he remains as he was, with tendrils of cool, clear liquid seeping through his hair and down his back.

The leaves of the tree beneath which they stand are still too bare to give much shelter; spring is on its way, but the leaves are still too tiny. Brilliant green buds drink up the sky’s tears.

“Are you happy?”

“Baby,” he answers, breath steaming in the air, “if you do this ev’ry day, I think I’ll be more’n happy.”

She arches an eyebrow. “I don’t think you should expect that.”

“Wouldn’t.” His simple reply is joined by a quick peck on her lips. The fire on his mouth startles her for a moment, the warm spicy scent of him making her smile.

“You taste like cinnamon.”

And he laughs until his eyes water, gratefully and confidently pleased that he has been born.

Word Count: 201

Written: 22 April 2012

Inspired: by him (loosely) and rain


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