Character Names: The Reflection Story #1

A few days ago, my morning drabble/exercise happened to focus on a half-demon character whose name I’ve been meaning to revise. And so I did.

original: Avunirí “who gives warmth” from Avulri “give” + Vuni or Vuri “warm/heat/fire” (root-word)

new final: Kisiluri “she-flower blooms warmth” from Isilyd “flower, that which blooms” + Vuni or Vuri “warm/heat/fire” (root-word) + vkor (noun personification)

Breakdown of the most important parts (morphemes?)

  • Isil
  • K(or)
  • Uniri / uri

my first attempt:

Slyvuri or Slyuvri from Slyuri/Slyuvi “to grow” + Vuni or Vuri “warm/heat/fire” (root-word)

History of development:

Isivuri Isilvuri Isiluri Isilvkuri Isilvurikor Kisilvuri Kosilvuri Isilvurikor Ivurikor Isilvuri Korilvuri Korisilvuri Isilkorvuri Korivuri Korisvuri Korsilvuri Korisilni Korisni Isilniyd Korisilri Korivusil Korusilri Korisuri Kisilniri Kisiluniri Isiluniri Kosilniri


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