CRISP BEAMS OF blue light slipped through the shutters. They plunged toward the earth-stomped floor, cascading like shallow sea water across it until washing up on the rumpled sheets and mattress lying right beneath the window.

She bent over her lover’s face, inhaling the scent of him; her nostrils filled with the salty, acidic aroma, like grass stains on the sea. In their lovemaking, he had nearly thrown the sheets off himself and now, after hours of talking, he had fallen asleep, leaving his scars exposed.

They riddled his chest in strange ridges and puckered flesh where the skin was permanently creased by black stitches. Near his left shoulder what had once been a deep gouge that had nearly taken off his arm, was a frozen river of mahogany. Like hunks of ice, the flesh had all collided into one another, to create a distinctly textured surface.

Word Count: 147

Date Written: 29 August 2012 / Revised: 27 September 2013

Inspired: spending time with someone

A/N 27 Sept 2013: Wait, what? Is that all? What happens next? Who are they? Where are they? How did they meet? What’s going on?


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