Why I Like Bats

My earliest recollection of bats was when one fell outside (near a bush? or else it was inside and I’m mixing up memories).

I vaguely recall thinking it was cute, so my first response was to go and pet it. My mom yelled at me to stop (which I think, now that I’m older, was probably because the bat may have been sick; also going up to wild animals to pet them is probably not a smart move, especially for a toddler)

So, yeah, at a base level (for me) they’re adorable. Especially microbats (i.e. not flying foxes, though they’re cute, too). But I’m talking about echolocation, nocturnal bats. Look,


Artibeus species (x)

Those sweet little eyes and their leaf-shaped noses; they look like little brown balls of fur.

Although the really adorable category goes to one of my favorite bats: the Hondoran white bat


Ectophylla alba (x)

They are literal puffballs. When predators look into their leaf nests, since they’re white, the sunlight that filters through the leaves makes them look green, so it’s better camouflage that being darker like other bats.

More broadly speaking (and why my nom de plume is bat related), they’re also a good representation for my writing because they’re associated with the night and often correlated singularly to very specific folklore (like vampires). Admittedly, I’ve never been interested in vampires but the whole creatures of the night (more like lilitu, for example) are right up my alley.

So there’s a sense of nighttime and fear associated with them, which works with my demons. But what makes it an especially good fit is that bats aren’t really dangerous. It’s just people’s perceptions and misunderstanding. Which, again, reminds me a lot of my core understanding of my demons.

And while that works for some of my writing (especially the ones about demons), bat are also seen as lucky and abundant. (Most famously in China, where their name 蝠 Fú is a homonym with 福 Fú “blessing” “good fortune”).

And that sense of bats as bringers of wealth and fortune totally works for my other major corpus of writing. There the emphasis is on nature and chthonic underworld rivers, fortune, and flowers, so having a representation of the auspicious (but unpredictable) nature of life is fitting.

I feel should say more, but I really just wanted to share that bats are amazing and say how they represent the two major branches of my writing — night, feared, misunderstood & fortune, luck, abundance.

Also, I just kind of love them..So have more adorable bats

Diaemus youngi | cute! (x)

Parastrellus hesperus | look at those cute little ears! And that face. Aw!!


Artibeus lituratus | Have a bunch! (x)


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