Earth and Sky

“…if it turns out it’s over too fast, I’ll make every last moment last as long as you’re mine…every moment, as long as you’re mine, I’ll wake up my body and make up for lost time, say there’s no future for us as a pair…I may know, I don’t care” – As Long As You’re Mine (from Wicked)


He had loved her for eternity, wrapped in her arms, nestled against the sweet moist scent of her neck. Together, they had been whole. Not in the way she was with others, but in another kind of way.

As the earth and sky had once embraced, so she was to him. Rain and winds fluttered in her soul, and, oh, she was graced with stars, a thousand shining flowers. She was the world’s mother and he loved her.

With a little luck from the moon and the speech-crafter, they had won the time to have and raise their children. Ha! Even that had been denied them. Forbidden to have sons or daughters by others who maintained they were being crushed and any more children would only suffocate them, he and she had been forced to trick time to so the rest of their children could live.

Ha! But even that had not been enough for them. Bemoaning how trapped they were, how insidious he and their mother were, they had sundered them apart. Ripped out of her embrace, he was left grasping empty space.

And no matter how many tears they cried, they could never reach one another. The wild pastures of grass might gleam with her tears, and the bright lower realms of the heavens might steam with his breath, but they could never see or hear each other ever again. They had made sure that whenever they would become close, they would be sundered apart, never to touch each other in all the avenues of eternity.

Written: 6 September 2011

Word Count: 258

Inspired: reading Nut’s page at when I asked about someone


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