Bitter Mint

STREAMING WHISPERS OF time fly through the sky; their slender silver threads skim over the cold air. Mist curls up from the sparkling grass, delicately glazed in frost. A crisp freshness lingers; it hovers on the edge of her lips, mingling with the heat from her breath.

Her blood hisses in her arms. They feel as if they are steaming in the dawn’s light, releasing the tensions of the morning. Awakening from deep dreams, she felt a reflective haze glimmering on the corner of her eyes. Elusive and sentimental, it was as frail as wilting petals and fell apart easily, leaving a bare stalk behind.

Shifting her weight, she stomps over the grass; the melting frost is pushed into the earth.

It was to be a special day but for what purpose? She had demanded that he tell her – what did he intend for this day to mean? Was she to devote all her energy to him and revive the lost feelings of warm, golden, radiant energy that had substained her over the early years of their marriage?

And if she did, what was heplanning to do with the new crewmate he was with, the one he claimed he loved, where adventure wasn’t so much harder to find, and his dream didn’t feel so difficult to live with? Or did he, regardless, want her to love him and for them to be together? What did he want?

Coming to a halt, she grinds her boot into the ground. The hard soil gives way beneath silver-green fringes of grass, revealing the cold earth.

Bending to her knees, she gently touches the exposed darkness. It is light and frothy, with a persistent grainy texture at the top; chocolate crumbles over her fingers and slices of frosted mint fall against her hand.

Mint and chocolate – they are such simple things, but she smiles thinking of them. The aroma of hot chocolate, slightly bitter, and the classic shade of mint brings to mind the history of xocolātland the man with the hair the color of mint.

Faint, elusive feelings dissolve. Solidity remains, with the taste and touch of concrete realness. It is bright and full of light; she is happy.

Written: 2 December 2011

Word Count: 358

Inspired: the winter season and an anniversay


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