Short Story Woes

Okay, not really.

But there is a short story I’m trying to finish before November. The plot was pretty simple because my goal was to keep it very basic and straightforward. Not to get bogged down in extraneous subplots. And as I’ve written it, I’ve become really attached to the story and the characters, probably since it’s the first time in a while where I felt the characters’ feelings in the scenes. ♥

The trouble is that it’s gotten longer than I wanted. I wasn’t expecting it to get pass 6.000 words, a decent short story length, I think. But right now it’s over 13,000 words and it’s still not done. It’s like the scenes and the characters swell and expand when I write. It feels like whenever I want to write a short story and then I get invested it will probably reach around 15,000 – 16,000 words. Not long enough to be a novella but way too long to be a short story. Although I’m beginning to wonder if I should develop it into a novella…

Here’s a brief summary outline for anyone interested. Obviously there are plot spoilers

Summary Outline

  • Zayla’s family out of $ since her father’s death → sees Qasib in the market and think he’ll be excellent prey
  • Zayla cons them out of their valuables
  • they outwit her
  • Zayal sets a bargain (of marriage) for them → magic robe
  • conclusion: Zayla & Qasib and Alra & Magiana

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