Oranges and Lemons [Day 69]

ALION INHALED THE sour sweet scent of lemons. The petite cream blossoms had enwrapped themselves into budding fruit, and now they glowed brightly against the sun, bold yellow orbs.

Like jewels, he mused to himself. Beautiful yellow jewels.

Humming to himself, he climbed over the crumbling garden wall; he had arranged to meet Azana here after breakfast. Of course, he could not sit in the palace that long so he had snitched a basketful of rolls and hakav, a spot pot of honey, and a glass bottle of orange juice.

He had never tried the stuff, but Azana exclaimed its praises often. It was a common commodity for the sea-cities where the weather was a bit warmer all year round.

The visiting Ambassador from Yahab* had brought an entire carton of bottles, which s/he generously handed out to the royal family. Alion had like five stashed away in his room. He couldn’t wait to show Azana. His fiancee!

He sang the word to himself, laughing from pure joy as happiness crested inside his chest, like a dam sharing its stored water with the world. That’s how he felt — ready to share and bursting with feelings.

Alion saluted a nesting sparrow and bounded toward the lake where he and Azana had first met.

*”sea gift” (Yam + Ihab)

Written: 30 Oct 2015

Words: 213 wds

Inspired: Alion



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