Nights of Heroes: Character Gender

Please excuse my randomness. If anything I say is inappropriate or misstated, please let me know.

So one morning in the last few weeks I got to thinking: why is one of my central characters transgender? Why not just have him be cisgender?

The plot isn’t heavily about him realizing he is, nor is the plot heavily about his transition. It certainly has undercurrent effects in how other characters relate to him and how society interprets him, along with heroism as expressed in a non-conventional male body. So it has an effect on the character but his story isn’t about it. Does that make sense?

But aside from all that, the main reason I can’t swap his gender is because it would feel wrong for him not to be transgender. It’s just part of who he is. Well, that and having freckles.

Honestly though, he’s one of the most vitally important characters in my writing, so yeah, I’m not gonna mess with who he is. There might not be a good plot reason to keep him transgender, but damn, it’s too much a part of his identity that if I did try to change it, I feel I’d be butchering my own character and that’s cruel.


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