Moonlight Message [Day 73]

MOONLIGHT STRUCK HIM in the face. Rubbing his eyes vigorously, Alion moved his stiff neck and stared at the hole in the cave. The storm was still blowing outside, little frozen stars melting over the jagged entrance teeth.

Groaning, he sat up. Rahk was fast asleep.

He rubbed his eyes again and then caught sight of what had woken him. A spot of moonlight, a bit brighter than the rest, had breached the storm and landed on something outside. It’s reflection glittered against the floor where he had been laying, a quivering dainty wisp.

At the comparison, Alion felt his heart give a thunderous heave. A tight pain constricted his chest. He was only here because of Azana.

I’m only here to find her.

Feeling defeated, he was about to curl back up against Rahk when he noticed, with a thrill of excitement he could not explain, that the moon-reflection moved half an inch across the floor.

It’s alive! Whatever’s causing it is alive!

Alion jumped to his feet, swaying for a moment as his tired muscles and sleep derived skull made the world spin. Getting his balance, he quickly threw on his cloak and bundled up as well as he could without taking any of the blankets from his horse.

Nodding at his friend, he whispered, “I’ll be back. Don’t worry. And don’t come looking for me.”
Satisfied, the Prince of Jerom, without anything other than his usual assortment of tools, pilers, and coils, ventured out into the snow storm.

Written: 3 Nov 2015

Words: 251

Inspired: Alion and Romance of Three Jewels



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