The Green Dewdrop [Day 3]

WARM SUNLIGHT GLOWED through the rain bejeweled forest. Tiny beads glistened like tears of glass, glints of red, green, and yellow sparkling from inside the dew. In the misty morning, the glittering dew-colors were harvested and sent down to the underworld, where the demons lived. These they traded with the goblins* who knew how to solidify the liquid, which they in turn traded with the naga* who wore the jewels on their foreheads. It was a neat system. Until one day a harvester decided to keep one of the colors for herself.

It was a lovely green one, dazzling as an emerald. To escape censure, she hid in the bowels of the earth, far from her home in the forest. She flew to a dry desert and stayed their for a long time. She played with the dew-color, letting it slowly seep into the stone where she lived. Because it was so pure and undiluted, it transformed the stone into a peerless green emerald. She loved it and cared for it until it was mined out of the earth**

*not the final terminology
**alternate: until she faded away.

Written:  21 August 2015

Words: 179

Inspired: fairy + myth + “Emerald and Poisons” (short story in its second draft)



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