Morning Surprise [Day 4]

ALION YAWNED INTO the sunlight. The curtains were pulled back and bold white streaks glowed over the ruffled bed-sheets and rippled on the mahogany dresser. Yawning again, the Prince of Jerom stretched his arm and sat up in bed. The pillows beside him were empty, a depression in the middle where his wife had slept.

Where was she? Is something up? She doesn’t normally get up this early.

Shielding his eyes, Alion squinted into the morning light. What time was it? It looked just a little past dawn, sunshine smiling crisply as it broke over the sea and into the streets of Ités-bleueté* like whipped cream.

His stomach growled at the thought. Laughing, he decided the kitchen would be his first stop. Then he’d find out what his wife was planning.


Azana scowled at him. Her pert lips were scrunched up in annoyance.

“It’s your birthday,” she scolded. “Couldn’t you have slept in for another hour or so. Don’t you usually?”

The Prince of Jerom stared at her, glittering bubbles beginning to boil in his throat. Throwing back his head, he laughed, little crystals of delight rising in his blood.

“Aw, Azana,” he smiled. He wrapped his arm around her, squeezing her in a hug. “How d’you think I can sleep without you next to me? I can only wait so long until I see you again.”

His wife’s scowl wavered; amusement danced on the corner of her storm gray eyes like sunlight through mist.

“Oh, you’re insufferable.” She shoved him gently in the chest. “But I love you anyway.” Kissing his quickly on the lips, Azana tapped his chin. “But go do something else for a little while. I’m not done yet.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

As he turned to go, he heard her call after him, “And act surprised!”

“I’m always delightedly surprised to see you!”

*not final, other options: Ités-bleuttes, Ités-bleutês, Ille-betês

Written: 23 August 2015

Words: 306

Inspired: Alion



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