Red Rain [Day 1]

RED RAIN SOAKED soaked into the gray, crumbly earth; little pebbles washed away, some dissolving in the water so that a dreary gray mist swirled in the runoff.

Holding a cloth over her head, she peered into the sky. Or as well as she could with her makeshift covering. She caught the glimpse of dull orange clouds, their edges rimmed with luscious gold. They nearly buzzed with with moisture.

What an odd display. I’ve never seen weather like this.

Climbing onto the steps leading into the temple, she draped the cloth over the ancient stone banister and took a better look at the sky. Not only were the rain clouds orange, the sky was a slate green, as if the wind had been poisoned.

Shuddering, she ran her fingers over the intricate carvings on the interior relief I of the temple. It was centuries old and it’s sturdy and unfrazzled stone was a comfort against the unnatural weather.

Written: 19 August 2015,

Words: 157

Inspired: personal


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