A Guardian’s Scar

“I will share the scars with you.”
“If you pierce her, you will have to take me first.”


His words ring in her memory, plainly spoken without malice or righteous passion. To him, they were simple statements, the core of his soul that bound him to her. He was her guardian, after all, since the moment she had been born.

Moon liquid had shone in the darkness; luminous petals drenched in crystalline pearl-bright droplets, glimmering gently had been his first sight of her.

Through time and darkness and sorrow, he was there to stand beside her. Though he might lose her or lose his life, he never forsook her. Even when she was pierced with a thousand swords, he became her shadow; he was the wolf prowling on the edge of her soul, snarling at anyone who came near her, yet unable to make a difference.

It was one of the many things that bound them together – the piercing fire that seared the chest and left an ugly scar behind. Arrow, sword, gun, spear…it all had the same result. To mark them out, not as wicked, but the ones the righteous had to remove for the perfect dharma to continue as it was meant to, for the diseased desert creatures to keep away from the cities, for the one who had stolen the light of the world to stay contained, for the one who had brought death and sin to the world to crumble to dust in a wasteland, for the one sought by thousands to be seen forever in the moon by the scars they cut.

There were others of course, sweeter ones, brighter ones, ones who brought golden blossoms into her soul.

But she could not remember what or who they had been before. Only the scars seemed the clearest, and so she knew at least, that he was there – her wolf guardian, the one who stayed with her and was eternally ripped away from her whenever she loved him. He was no husband, he was no friend, he was no lover, he was no mate, he was no brother, he was only…


Word Count: 356

Written: 11 August 2011

Songs: “As Long As You’re Mine” and “Written in the Stars

Inspired: my feelings, Vali’s death from the Ramayana and spending time with someone


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