Forest Spell [Day 78]


THE COOL tendrils of mist stand still, coiled around glistening ivory trunks. Lush golden leaves are the only part of the forest that is moving; they rustle, glittering oval crenated paper sketched in fiery gold rotate veins. Even the birds that nest in these woods have frozen — a plump little azlue fluffs her sapphire feathers near the whispering leaves. Under their shining shadows, the azlue looks awake.

All is quiet.

Written: 9 Nov 2015

Words: 71

Inspired: my Dreams, a little

A/N: Even though, technically, these are an every day objective, I don’t always get to them every day. Please don’t expect a particular day will be skipped; it depends on life and time availability. But yeah, usually, I do them out of habit, so expect them fairly regularly. 🙂



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