Moon Day Meditations: NaNoWriMo Reflections

So after this I’ll try to write some more in my NaNoWriMo story this year.

I’m having mixed feelings about the story. I still love the idea of it and I still really like my characters. I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s a waste to keep writing it. I mean, I have other longer outstanding stories that need to be finished and revised. Why should I take so much time to write this new one when I should be putting the time and effort into my other ones?

Second, I’ve been wanting to post a cast list (inspired by the Nano Cast Lists at fixyourwritinghabits) but it’s hard because:

  1. new characters have appeared in the story and it takes up time to try to figure out who they are so I can add them
  2. drawing sketches/coloring pictures of them feels unnecessarily time-consuming

I’m not sure how or what I’ll end up with, but the funny thing is that it has made me want to do a cast list for another story (which takes place after my NaNoWriMo story) which is at its second stage of revision.

Oh, and thirdly, my NaNoWriMo story was outlined as a collection of short stories. But as I’ve written more of it, it’s starting to feel like a longer story. Or at least the little stories seem connected to a larger plot/throughline.

I’m just feeling very fluctuating-y about the whole thing.

  • do I write my NaNoWriMo story ?
  • do I revise the 6 year old story with characters I want to make a cast list for?
  • do I finish my NaNoWriMo story from last year?
  • what about my short stories I want to finish? the short story ideas I want to write?

What do I focus on? And is this NaNoWrimo story worth all my time???

I just don’t know.


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