Sunshine Headache & Knowledge

Bright cheerful sunshine shone through the window. Azana could feel the warmth soak into her skin. The sensation did wonders to alleviate her fierce stabbing headache. She suspected once she sat down and ate a proper meal, she would feel much better.

Taking a quick sip of water, she browsed the short manuscript she had found among their possessions. It was old, pages curled and yellowed, so Azana was not surprised that she had forgotten it. But the flowing script sang to her, the knowledge she had learned igniting a newer meaning from it in ways she had never been able to before.

Written: 27 August 2015

Words: 103

Inspired: Azana + life


Since a lot of these have focused on Azana and Alion (because they’re so easy to write about!), would anyone be curious in me explaining more about them or who they are or what their story is about?


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