A King’s Love

THE COOL WINDS from the sea rustle the frayed palm fronds. The brilliant aquamarine lake shines in the center of the oasis, a priceless jewel amid the trailing emerald settings of lush ferns and flowers. Bright yellow and red hibiscuses gleam, spotted with dew, as he slouches beneath the nearest palm tree.

Shadows dance over his head, dizzying grey over his tangled black hair. He sighs heavily, pouting up at the sunlight. Shielding his eyes, he feels his heart constrict, as if he can barely breathe. The world is teaming with life, abundant and luscious and he is alone; irreversible alone.

Barely a year ago, so recent it is painful to remember, he lost his wife. She had been everything in his life – his happiness, his light, his goal, his inspiration. She had given him a new meaning in his life. Knowing her, and even more so, knowing her love for him outshone anything he had ever known before, transformed his world into a wondrous new adventure. It gave him something to strive for, something to be happy for, something to live for.

But the pleasantness of their marriage was not made to last. Once, it had felt as if every island had declared the destiny of their love. It would withstand time and even death, as long as they truly believed in it; as long as it burned in their souls like pure, endless fire.

Hanging his head in his heads, he rubbed methodically at his temples. Faint whiffs of moonlit flowers mingled with the brilliance of ancient lamps came to him, casting a warm and welcoming glow over the contours of his spirit. Fresh moonlight and robust firelight; they melded together to create magic. Or so he had felt, and so, he was sure, she had too, once.

But those glimmers of magic had faded, evaporating like mist along a river. In its place, he was left alone, bereft of his wife. Their momentary endless, eternal, soul-empowering love had withered like a flower. And though they each still loved each other with the same fervor, there was no longer any room for them to live within their old happiness. The world had moved on without them; the people did not need their love. He would be King without his wife, and the people would still believe in him.

Written: 17 June 2012

Word Count: 390

Inspired: the Ramayana and someone else’s feelngs


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