Wind Witch [Day 13]

SHE SQUINTED THROUGh the dust. Black and red grit stung her eyes. Trying to shield her face, she shuffled across the dry, scraggy ground. Even shrubs and snakes avoid this desert; it was too harsh even for the hardiest survivors…

There! She saw the glint of metal, like a flickering sun through the sand storm. The Emair had really sent the army out to hunt for her. Well, she chuckled, she would give them a story to sing when the soldiers returned.

Reaching into the folds of her heavy robe, she plucked out a sturdy cotton thread. This would do nicely.

Written: 31 August 2015,

Words: 102

Inspiration: a witch who can control wind and/or sand, Dalayla? Baslin?



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