Sands of Lost Memory [Day 83]

TIME DRAINED SLOWLY through the thin waist of glass. Minuscules particles of sand slipped past like gold and blue silk; bright, unnatural colors flashed among the tiny grit and dirt.

What else was there to see?

Names swirled around in her head, possibilities of meaning, of life, but they dwindled to dust and were forgotten. Lost, like the sand in the hourglass.

She sat watching it, a sick sensation brewing in the pit of her belly. Wincing, she felt her stomach heave and then — just as swiftly as the sand — she forgot. And she was left staring at a glowing hourglass, wondering what she was.

Written: 15 Nov 2015

Words: 105 wds

Inspired: “Send Me An Angel” and an image in my head



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