So this is the situation:

I’m severely behind on NaNoWriMo. As in I am almost a week behind. This means

  • NaNoWriMo obviously doesn’t work for me
  • I picked the wrong story (again)
  • It’s difficult to write a story when you’re constantly questioning whether you should be

a few days later: Apparently, I’m still working away at my NaNoWriMo story; I care about it enough to try.


2 thoughts on “So this is the situation:

  1. I seem to run into this problem every year. This is my eighth nano and probably the first time I’ve forced myself to keep going with the original plan whether is works or not.(not that there was much of a plan to begin with) My story is all over the place and I’ll probably cut most of it when I eventually rewrite. For me it helps to think of it as a discovery draft. I’m finding out what works and what doesn’t. There’s also nothing wrong with putting it to the side, (while keeping your word count!) and working on something else for the rest of nano and coming back to it when you’ve had some time to stop worrying over if you should be writing it or not.

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    • Reading that is actually a relief. The few times I’ve tried nanowrimo, I’ve always felt it was so messy. But I like your idea of a “discovery draft”; it would certainly loosen up the pressure.

      What I’m trying to do now is just write the story as much as I want/am able to, and not stress about word count.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.:) Good luck (or would it be good fortitude?) with the rest of nanowrimo.

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