Garden of Beauty [Day 84]

THE GARDEN SHONE in the sunlight. Dazzling white snow glittered, diamonds clumped together beneath bowers adorned with icicles; the powerful morning light transformed them into crystal teardrops. Tiny purple snowdrops and frail satin gray flowers she did not have a name for curled  around the icicles, basking in the sunshine.

On the other side, bees hummed around bowers of honeysuckle, while lush iris and cosmos glowed brightly beneath bushes bursting with white and purple lilac. Delicate ivy snakes hugged short ornamental lemon and orange trees, blossoms and fruit both freckled in sunlight. Their green shadows swept across the summery grass, each blade and petal drinking up the fresh sunshine.

And of course there were roses. Red, white, yellow, blue, pink – there were roses of every color on either side. They were surely no natural breed of blossom. Regardless of what they were, she had to admit they were beautiful.


Written: 18 Nov 2015

Words: 150

Inspired: “La Belle et la bête” – the scene I always loved



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