Wonder Garden [Day 85]

ALION BLINKED. HIS mind was still reeling from the scents of sand and blood; his heart was still racing, adrenaline firing through his body so all he could do was stand and stare.

A breathtaking beautiful garden lay before him in all its splendor. A shining river, glittering like living crystals, flowed through luscious emerald hills. And bushes overflowing with roses, lilies, camellias, tulips, and all manner of flowers he couldn’t even see or name, formed a dense, colorful patchwork across them.

He inhaled the unusually warm air; he tasted honey and the powerful perfume of a thousand blossoms. Alion’s head spun, memories giddy at the sudden change. They seemed to blur on the edges as if he couldn’t quite catch them, as if he couldn’t care to try. But that wasn’t…

I should sit down.


Written: 18 Nov 2015

Words: 136

Inspired: Alion from Romance of Three Jewels



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