Life Story [Day 16]

THE GENTLE MELODY of raindrops lulled me into a dozy, half awake state. Letting my mind wander, I imagined all the things I had seen, all the things I had learned. Would I want to change any of it?

I half-smiled without thinking; I had changed so much from when I had began. I wasn’t the same person. But then, who ever stayed the same? Our stories kept flowing. Who we were two years ago was not the same person we were today. Like leaves through autumn, the pages of winter left everything we had lived tightly compacted until, before we knew, it had grown into something new. But it still comes from the same source, the same pages, the same story

There were so many endings, so many different ways my life could have turned. I couldn’t say I was displeased with how my story had gone so far. It was not the one I had expected. But then, who could ever predict the story of one’s life? There were too many roads, too many possibilities, too many choices that could decide the future.

But that was just it, I mused, sinking deeper into the pillows behind my back, our story never ended. I would keep changing until I died. And then, who knows what story awaited me?


Written: 3 Sept 2015

Words: 219

Inspired: Ashev, character development



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