Waiting By The Sea

THE WIND SWEPT her hair back, twining it into black knots and bearing the perfume of the sea on its invisible, ethereal fingers. Its bitter fragrance was sweet on her lips – crisp, briny, and invigorating.

Despite the chill, she daintily dipped her bare toes into the tide; the green-flecked surf stung momentarily until, after a few moments, the icy shock faded away.

Smiling, Sulann1 lifted her eyes to peer out across the vast limitless breadth before her. It tumbled over itself, rippling blue-charcoal velvet in all directions. White tipped waves danced toward her, wild lions tossing their manes as they ran to the shore.

A lion…my lion

She cocked her head, heart beating faster as the thought entered her mind.

His ship was to return at dawn. The rising sun had passed and the clear sky had overtaken the rose and golden paint strokes of sunrise.

Now all that was left was to wait.

Word Count: 159

Written: 13 March 2010 / Revised: 19 May 2014

Inspired: pirates and love

1 “humble lily/rose/lotus” from Paula (Latin) + Susann (Hebrew) or (Egyptian)


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