A Magical Night [Day 18]

CRISP AIR RUSTLED the sheets; there were so many of them piled up that the gentlest breeze stirred the mountain of blankets. Blinking from under the bundle, Anath peered out at the sunshine on her floor. It was brighter than usual.

Groaning, she felt with a sinking certainty of a stone in her belly, that she had overslept. Just what she needed! She was already in trouble after…

She bit her lip. The real trouble was that it hadn’t seemed so bad. The night, as it slipped away, had chimed with vitality and life. She had never seen the city the way she had last night; it was marvelous. So much so, Anath had nearly forgot that she was supposed to be tired.

And now I’m in even deeper trouble.

And somehow, she couldn’t quite care. Apparently Anath had actually really enjoyed herself.

Written: 5 Sept 2015

Words: 143

Inspired: Anath



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