Heart of Ice [Day 89]


She poked it curiously, as one does to a fascinating treasure or antique one stumbles across in the cluttered streets of ancient Iskanges. It swayed at the touch but held stiffly. It’s sides, she realized were more like ice than crystal. And this, Anath decided was actually an improvement.

For, as some would say, ice could be melted. But to her, ice was the better choice because it was still alive. Ice was a part of the natural world. She had heard of the massive glaciers in the south and places near the stars where ice formed as naturally as flowers blooming in spring.

So yes, she decided with a nod. She was glad her heart was ice.

A/N: I have mixed feelings on this piece. I don’t discount the idea that ice is natural, but ice is itself a crystalline structure so indicating that crystals are not natural felt a little disingenuous. But I think the idea is more artificial crystal (like a goblet) vs ice. I’m not sure if atomically there’s a big difference between crystal plateware and actual crystals, but the former vs ice was more the comparison that came up.

Written: 21 Nov 2015

Words: 123

Inspired: Anath + a vague Snow Queen allusion



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