Diamonds and Daggers [Day 91]

STARS TWINKLED OVERHEAD, sparkling diamonds on a black satin sheet. The crisp air let his breath freeze momentarily in his lungs.

All around, the snow sparkled beneath the moonlight, glistening pearls packed together over rocks and trees and as thick as wool. Fine, spiral icicles glittered like daggers from the boughs of trees and ledges of rocks.

Taking another deep breath to chill the pain in his heart, Alion tried not to remember another dagger, one he had bought Azana years ago it seemed.

If only…but regrets were no good. All he could do was look to the future.

A/N: I haven’t slept well recently, so I’m a little off with these daily writing (by 3 days! which feels like more than usual). I also have another one I wrote today, too, which I may or may not post later.

Written: 24 Nov 2015

Words: 100

Inspired: Alion (kinda from Romance of Three Jewels)


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