Sailing Winds

THE WIND’S WHISPERING WHINE swept over the beams of the house; outside, the apple trees shook their leaves, tiny fruit buds peeking through the foliage like bright green eyes.

From inside the house, a plump face was pressed to the glass, pale sea-green eyes staring back at the apple-eyes.

A taller presence joined him on the couch, wrapping her arms around him. She smelled like dust and ink, with a faint aroma of unnamed flowers.

Rubbing her cheek against his, his mother let him bounce on the cushions, catching him with her hands when he wobbled. His chubby fist pointed out the window.

“Yes, it’s windy today. It’s a good day to go sailing if you don’t mind the waves.”

She chuckled once, a soft hum of amusement. “He was never very good at sailing. He never had to learn and then when he finally achieved his dream, he didn’t much feel it mattered anymore.”

Written: 25 Feb 2012

Word Count: 157

Inspired: children and adventure; a fleeting moment


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