Destiny’s Game [Day 20]

“PERHAPS I’M NOT as clever as I thought,” he mumbled.

Staring down at the intricate chess set, he watched the pieces he lost burst into flame or freeze into ice and shatter. One was swallowed by the board. Who was he to think he could out-match Destiny?

“But I have to at least try–” he whispered.

Sharp raucous caws snapped off the end of his sentence; the crows sitting on Destiny’s throne and around the table each released a startling, cackling cry, jolting him out of his thoughts.

“Your move,” Destiny smiled.

“Right.” He moved his hand toward one of his remaining pieces. It was now or never. Time to try and win the match. “It’s all I have left…”

Written: 7 Sept 2015

Words: 120

Inspired: a dream + not-quite-awake-thoughts + actual crows + an old idea I’ve meant to write since 2010, possibly Aladir, maybe Ashev





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