Water Mirror [Day 95] 

WATER WASHED AWAY the sound of memory. The tinkling melody – plink, plink, plink – over glossy red stone sang down to the core of her bones. At the reverberation of sound, her memories – who she had once been, who she had hoped to be, who she believed she was now – were distorted. Their reflections rippled like ponds broken by a loose pebble or a falling leaf.

And when the water inside her soul settled, it was as clear as glass. A perfect mirror to be anything she wished to be, to see however she wished to see. She was renewed amid of a world of glass.

She was not glad for it, but she was content. And that would have to do for the rest of her life and the centuries that followed. It would have to do.

Written: 29 Nov 2015

Words: 137 wds

Inspired: concept from Nights of Heroes



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