Path of the Woods [Day 96]

THE SUN GLOWED, a flaming pearl sewn onto a blue satin shawl wrapped around the earth. Flowering trees, pinned with rosy and white blossoms, shook their emerald and jade hair, showering the ground in petals. 

The path through the woods was congested. Dense bushes, ripe with tinier blossoms – honeysuckle and lilac – formed an artificial barrier to the rest of the wilderness. But there was no mistaking where they were; they were far from civilization, away from the thrum of city life and the pulse of the royal court. 

A grazing, dew-eyed doe and her speckled fawn, dainty muzzles nibbling on the leafy path, were proof of that. 

Written: 30 Nov 2015

Words: 107

Inspired: a story I’m brewing on


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