So the end of NaNoWriMo

I didn’t complete this year either, but I as a lot closer than I ever was – 40,739 words. And considering the days I didn’t write, if I had actually written every day I Maynard actually pulled off 50k words.

While I didn’t complete the full word count, I do feel that u learned a lot more from this NaNoWriMo than I have in previous two years.

I’ve learned that my writing works best when I recognize that: 

  • How characters matter, knowing them, who they are, in advance
  • Having a clear idea of what the story is about, preferably having done a scene by scene video outline in my head and then written it down (it can deviate as I write it, but I find it helps with the emotional punch of my writing if I play it out like a movie in my head beforehand)
  • Having a strong love for your characters and a plot doesn’t necessitate that the story is one you should be working on or is as alive (puppy) as other stories
  • Story should have vitality even if it’s confusing or uncertain (or have I never experienced writer’s block? Why should I, when I have other stories to work on??)
  • Focus on word count can lead to depletion of enthusiasm
  • Sometimes taking a break can help revitalize interest (even if my word output is slower than it used to be sometimes)

I’m also really looking forward to working on some writing I had to put on hold for November. 


2 thoughts on “So the end of NaNoWriMo

  1. These are all excellent insights. I especially agree with having a strong sense of story before jumping into the novel. Unfortunately, so far, my mind just doesn’t seem to work that way. Plot ideas only seem to come while I’m writing, but I’m working on it.


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