Snowflakes [Day 98]

COLD DELICATE FLAKES fell across the blue gray rocks, outlined in silvery white from the rising moon. The snow came down peacefully, fluffy white flowers melting the skin of the face upturned into the pale cloudy sky. She breathed the frosty air into her lungs, savoring the shock of its taste and smiled at the gentle beauty of winter.

There was always something magical about falling snow, as if the usual rain had exchanged their glossy, wet crystal gowns for soft, dainty satin ones instead. 

Perhaps it was beautiful to imagine such thoughts, and that was part of their charm. The possibilities they evoked and mistakes they seemed to erase. Blanketed in glittering snow, the plants slept, ready to be reborn at spring, and so the world felt renewed…

Written: 2 Dec 2015

Words: 129

Inspired: snow (kind of today)

A/N: I could not settle on the last sentence so the intention falters at the end. 


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