Fairy Tale Friday: Snedronningen: et eventyr i syv historier

The Snow Queen: a fairy tale in seven stories

by H. C. Andersen

Anden historie. En lille dreng og en lille pige

“Second Story: A Little Boy and a Little Girl”

Well, this was a fun story. We have character introductions, lovely description, and the heart of this fairy tale. As well as these other observations I had: 

  • Snow Queen is the queen-bee of the snow bees
  • Kai asks if she is; likewise, she seems drawn to him
  • Kai becomes practical, no sense of beauty (mirror)
  • little details: snow chicken carrying Kai’s sleigh
  • Snow Queen is dainty and made of ice
  • this covers at least two years, first conversation is in winter, summer passes (mirror shard) and then another winter (although we don’t know how long Kai’s been mimicking others)
  • Kai and Gerda are as close as brother and sister without being blood relations

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