Lightning and Promegranates


Streaks of dazzling white exposed the wet and weary woods beyond the safety of the window. Out there scimitar branches stood poised, ready to slice the tears of heaven that were falling.

Their relentless crying melted the snow, from over the last few days, off the pine, spruce, and birch, leaving only an icy overcoat for the drowsing earth.

Another explosion of light, followed punctually by the familiar throaty rumble of the charging storm goddess’s chariot wheels. The loud refrain broke the gentle tinkling of the rain, as the sparkling drops pranced gleefully over the paneling of the roof.

Chuckling to herself, she sipped her pomegranate tea – precisely sweetened with just a spoonful of sugar – and marveled at the wonderful work of nature.

Written: 23 February 2014

Word Count: 128

Inspiration: nature; trying to get back into writing

A/N: “ritornelle” instead of “refrain”?


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