Winter Sleep [Day 99]

SNOW GLOWED IN the sunlight. Great mounds of it slept in the crooks of elm and oak, while thick strips slept over the branches of birch and beech. The forest’s silent, sleepy murmur made Kisiluri shiver.

While she appreciated the solitude – hadn’t she wanted that all her life? To be free from other’s commands and critiques? – the unrelenting, unchanging muffled life unnerved her.

In the snowy months the half-demon had experienced before, she had always been inside the village. The woods were then a mysterious unknown, with the allure of peace and privacy. But being out for real among the trees was…

She shuddered, a second shiver icing treacherously up her back even beneath her warm, heavy jacket. 

Unsettling. That was it. Kisiluri had loved the woods near her village because of all the animals and the little lives they lived in concert with the trees. Now their noise and chatter had diminished to distant murmurs of the past. It was terrible.

Kisiluri was about to turn back when she caught the sound of a twig snapping; a creature was out there!

Written: 4 Dec 2015

Words: 182

Inspired: character (Kisiluri) b-day (technically yesterday, but I was dealing with a nauseating headache from the day before yesterday)


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