Desert Stars [Day 23]

STARS GLITTERED OVERHEAD. A thousand diamonds cut from the same black ore glistened on the dense darkness. There were no other sounds except the low murmur of wind; the breathy sigh of nature ruffled the dry palm fronds, their gentle crinkling a kind of lilting melody.

Leaning against the trunk of one, Emrin Alin gazed up at the stars. In the silence of the desert, their twinkling bodies seemed to whisper as well. It was that peculiar quiet time when all the animals had left off their hunting or foraging and the sun had yet to rise.

He had traveled farther than he had expected. Although Alin was no closer to his goal, a deep sense of peace percolated into his body, blood and bones alike, and he was happy to watch what destiny sent his way. Whatever happened, he would always have the adventure.


Written: 12 Sept 2015

Words: 145

Inspired: Alin + quest for stars

I need to distinguish some of my character’s names



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