Gingerbread and Fire [Day 101]

FIRE ROARED MERRILY in the hearth. Great orange-red plumes licked the sooty interior of the chimney, young red sparks chasing each other among the crackling boughs of fir and balsam. 

The fragrant sharp scent of evergreens, dressed in a veil of smoked wood, filled the tiny cottage to combat the sweet vivid aroma of gingerbread. Puffy, tawny brown shapes released curls of heat into the snug air, unleashing their delicious perfume of spices – ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. As if smelling it too, the fire surged higher, branches snapping as the sparks hissed gleefully.

Everything was happy to be inside out of the frost this morning. 

Written: 6 Dec 2015

Words: 105 

Inspired: I was in a holiday mood, may be a continue of this

A/N: I don’t know what goes in gingerbread but I love those scents and flavors so I went with it.


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