A Good Decision [Day 104]

ANATH BLINKED THROUGH the sunlight. It barreled in through the open lattice, bold, burning rays making her cringe. Her eyes felt too sore to have to take in such an intrusive afternoon invasion.

Burying under the sheets, she blotted out the glared. Silently scolded herself for leaving it open last night. But it had been a full moon, Anath protested to herself. Surely that was worth it, to see the evening pearl amid the twinkling jewels of the night? To sit beside the unlatched lattice and read by candlelight and moonlight?

She peeked from under her shady prison. Her stomach growled and her eyes ached. Yes, Anath decided. It had been worth it.

Written: 9 Dec 2015

Words: 113

Inspired: Anath, I guess (mostly going with the flow)


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