Babysitting [Day 25]

“THE WARM SUNSET glowed over the ocean, a robust and delicate cerise mist–”

“How’s that make sense?”

Lifting her eyes from her scroll, H— pursed her lips in self-contained frustration. “It’s a metaphor. It’s not supposed to make sense.”

“Well, that’s stupid,” her charge retorted. Hugging her worn, limp teddy bear, L— scrunched up her nose. “They’re like tellers. They tell things, just in nicer words. I know that. Are you stupid?”

H— grinded her teeth, consciously reminding herself that L— was her niece. Well, half-niece, but it was close enough. It wasn’t L—’s fault her mother was self-righteous poet.

Written: 14 Sept 2015

Words: 101 

Inspired: H— (Henekla) (character history!)


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