Bad Behavior / Gray Sadness [Day 105] 

RAIN TINKLED OVER the roof. The fine smooth tiles were perfect drums for the sky’s water; the soft bell-like melody lulled her into a sense of contentment. It was a perfect time to stay in bed and enjoy a little scandalous quiet time. Not that she deserved it, really…

AZANA WATCHED THE rain. At first the lovely, familiar pitter patter of drops across the roof had soothed her, but now…

Peering out into the gray world, sky a sheet of dull ivory, she felt her heart constrict. Shoulders slumping, Azana scolded the tiny internal sigh. Still, she could not stop the little treacherous drips of sadness from expanding inside her.

Written: 10 Dec 2015

Words: 49 / 61

Inspired: weather / Azana


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