Transformed Twilight / Solitary Stars [Day 106]

MOSS DANGLED IN the water; lacy green algae slept on top of the still swamp. Beneath the deepening twilight, the green ripened into purple – gray lavender moss from the trees and dark plum on the blue etched water.

“DO YOU THINK  it ever gets lonely?”

The new King of Malibeyo glanced over at his future wife. They were on top of the tallest building in the city; apparently climbing up to dangerous heights was a familiar, night escapade for Anath.

“Pardon? Who or what is…”

“The stars,” she insisted, waving her hand toward the first few that had shown up. “Don’t you think they get lonely?”

“Light-eyes,” Nkosana snorted, “they may have voices of their own, but I’m sure they are used to their lives. If they were unhappy, I suspect they would happily fall to our cozy seas and stone.” At his words, the new King grew quiet, gazing more intently at the glittering white specks.

As if catching his thoughts, Anath scooted closer. “Me, too. I was thinking that, too. What about those kings that live in the stars? Do you think they get lonely? After all, they never had to live up there.” Rubbing her arms swiftly, she sighed, “As beautiful as they are, I think I would be lonely up there.”

Nkosana didn’t respond right away. Instead he wrapped an arm around Anath.

“Truthfully, light-eyes, I would rather not think about it. It is too…disenchanting, yes? But if I had too… I’d like to imagine they are not alone. They have all the previous kings with them.”

“Will you be lonely?” Anath asked seriously, turning to him.

“Who – what – me?” Laughing, Nkosana bumped her forehead. “That is farthest from anything I’d like to imagine tonight. Let’s look at our now, yes? Whatever our future holds, let’s hope for the best.”

Written: 11 Dec 2015

Words: 37 / 267

Inspired: The Princess and the Frog / PatF + characters


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