Heart’s Guilt [Day 111]

A LILTING MELODY floated to her ears.

Smiling into her pillow, Azana rolled over, snuggling into her puffy companion. She inhaled the fragrance of flowers and evergreens, a sweetly sharp aroma. It danced lightly over the air, as dainty as the music.

A delicious sense of peace washed over her. But a tiny stain of guilt made her insides cringe – surely, this wasn’t good enough, or it shouldn’t be?

She shook her head, trying to focus on the moment. No, this had to be all right. She did not want to carry guilt in her heart like rotten roots.

Releasing a pitiful sigh, she focused on the music and its enchanting airy refrain.

Her heart ached softly; maybe she missed her husband?

 Written 21 Dec 2015

Words: 122 

Inspired: Azana (it kind of got away from me)


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