The Sun’s Grave [Day 34]

GOLDEN PLUMS BOBBED in a sea of cerise fog; creamy orange foam glowed like puffy vines around the imaginary fruit. He watched them float against the sky, secondary suns following their majestic leader into the realm beyond.

Brow furrowing, Ashev wondered where they went; what was on the other side. He had touched it’s realm more than once in his short life, but what did he really know about it? Could he ever know?

Brushing his fingertips over the cracked, crumbling bricks, he felt his mind wander, disconnected from his own consciousness. Like a thing alive without his consent.

Written: 24 Sept 2015

Words: 99

Inspired: “Out of Thin Air” + Ashev + family lineages (KoT)

A/N: It’s weird reading his point of view from the third person


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