Lost Home [Day 117]

SHE HELD HER breath tightly in her chest. Tears stung her eyes as the pressure in her lungs thicken. Head down, she stomped across a frosted park.

Ice sparkled in the sunlight, etched on every blade of grass. Beyond the park, it generously decorated the tiles and stone of City, a lacy seasonal crystal. 

Hands stuffed in her pockets, she barreled through the morning crowd. Happy voices floated around her, chatting merrily about the future and their time together. 

But not her; her heart was sore and alone. No one in her family wanted her anymore.

Written: 31 Dec 2015

Words: 96

Inspired: Kanat + short story I’m revising (seasonal timeframe may be off) 

A/N: I would have had this done sooner, but I got inspired revising a short story this morning.



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