Fairy Tale Friday: Snedronningen: et eventyr i syv historier

The Snow Queen: a fairy tale in seven stories

by H. C. Andersen

Sjette historie: Lappekonen og finnekonen

“Sixth Story: The Lapland Woman and the Finnish Woman”

This was a rather short story, but it gave me some unique questions I’m still choosing on (feel free to share your opinions or thoughts):

  • Gerda’s innocence is her strength, hm…is she deserving? Has she done anything to deserve this accolade? Or is her general innocence enough? I guess what I’m questioning is how it doesn’t feel like she’s done anything except tell everyone how she’s looking for Kai. But maybe that’s enough. Or it’s unnecessary to prove anything beyond her loving devotion 
  • Snowflake monsters
  • Wind knots!
  • SQ has power over Kai (did she choose to take him? Because he saw her, she felt an affinity to him?)
  •  Why should Gerda save Kai? How is he less of a human being? Because he can’t feel and see life as it /the beauty in life?

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